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Steal My Idea: Dealing with Character Knowledge VS Player Knowledge



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Game Master (GM): The flames of the torch dims. The oppressive darkness of the dungeon pushes in. The walls feel closer. The air is thick, making each breath a notable struggle. Holding your hand out before you, the only thing you see past your wrist is the light reflecting off your fingernails.


Darkness. Dungeon. Oppression. Got it. Now that everyone can basically only see the five-foot square they are in, what do you explain to the one party member who has the ability to see clearly in the dark? Continue reading


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Steal My Idea: GM Resource Update

A while back, I posted a list of GM resources. Earlier today, I updated it with some new content, something I’ll be doing whenever I find a resource worth adding.

This time, it was a resource dump from a fellow Reddit user on r/DnDBehindtheScreen (which if you’re not a part of, join).

The dump has loads resources, but my favorite upon first glance was It’s random generator that produces items (weapons, armor, or trinkets) that are magical but less powerful than a +1 item. You can choose if the items should have 1 or 2 magical properties, both of them very minor. Some of the effects are more powerful but only work a few times.

For example: Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: The Creeping Sadness



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You can use this as a side quest or ramp it up to work as- or along with- your main story.

One PCs start feeling depressed. There’s no obvious reason for the depression, and it offers no mechanical penalties. However, thrilling and joyous events feel bland and muted. This continues, getting worse but still not offering any true mechanical penalties. It is all RP-related. Continue reading

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#DnDecember 11: Favorite Humanoid

Literally any humanoid that can change into something else. Shapeshifters, changlings, were-critters (wolves, cats, bears, salmons, roaches, whatever), vampires, incu/succubus etc. The ability to change into something else is ridiculously enjoyable. #DnDecember

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#DnDecember 10: Favorite Demonic/Celestial creature

Incubus/succubus from Savage Species (same rules & abilities for both).

Want a powerful natural attack? You got it.

How about charm monster at will? Sure, why not.

Alternate form? Just throw that on there.

Perfect flight? Why stop now? Add it.

Mad stat bonuses? I thought you’d never ask.

Want a 1/10 chance of summoning a balor once per day? Have it! (BTW, the demon is not under any obligation to aid the creature that summoned it. But it’s still fun to try and convince them to).

Wanna play an incubus or succubus as a player? You can! It’s a total of 12 racial levels, and you get 6d8 hit dice, 8+int skills every other level, +9 natural armor, acid, fire, and cold resistance, electricity immunity, spell resistance, bonus feats, the ability to speak any language (tongues), and a few more things I didn’t bother to write down? Who would turn that down?

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#DnDecember 9: Favorite abyssal/fey

See spryte from favorite day 1. How can you not love the ability to play a balanced, size tiny fairy?!?!


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#DnDecember 9: Favorite Draconic creature

This is an easy tie. I can’t choose one over the other.

Brainstealer dragon. Take a dragon, make them also a mind flayer. Epic, massive, brilliant, and a devastating NPC or villain.

Draco Lich. Take a dragon, make them also a fully decked out lich. How is that not the most intimidating dragon in the multiverse?

The power and roleplay possibilities with those two dragons are seemingly limitless. Also, they look badass.

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