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Tips For Lessening Anxiety When Gaming With Strangers: My Guest Post on

Danielle at The Angsty Nerd writes about social anxiety, mental health, and nerd culture. I caught up with her a few weeks ago, and she gave me a platform to write a piece I’d been thinking about for some time.

Critical Success: Tips For Lessening Anxiety When Gaming With Strangers

Give it a read. My hope is that it will help some people with managing their social anxiety and enjoy themselves.



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I’m a Bad Nerd Because I Think Silent Hill 4: The Room Is One of the Best Horror Games Ever Made


[Note that this hangs in my house. I might be a bit of a fan.]

I’m a bad nerd because I think Silent Hill: The Room is one of the best horror video games ever made.

(Insert chorus of angry boos here) Continue reading

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Superheroes without Comics


[Picture courtesy of]

While I am a fan of the superhero comic genre (Shadoweyes, Spinerette, and Danger Club for example), some of my favorite superhero stories and universes are not from comics. They’re often overlooked because comics are almost synonymous with superheroes, I wanted to show some love for a movie, a tabletop  RPG, a cooperative card game, and a novel. Continue reading

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Lara Croft Was a Good Influence on Me

lara croftMany people enjoy jumping on the hate train when discussing Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft. They often cite her as a bad influence because of her sex appeal. However, in 1996, despite the rumors of nude codes, the seductive photos, and the legitimate claims that some of the marketing for the following Tomb Raider games was sexist, Lara Croft was an extremely positive influence on me. At ten years old, Tomb Raider on the PlayStation showed me how women could do everything a man could do. Continue reading


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