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Steal My Idea: Learn from My Failure

Giving up is easy. Staying with it is worth it.

We’ve all had those moments in RPGs where it didn’t go how we thought/hoped/planned/prayed it would go. You took time crafting a twist that no one cared about. Players derailed your campaign. The GM railroaded the campaign. The new group didn’t gel. The list goes on. If we all gave up when we failed, none of us would still be playing. Here are some tips I’ve learned from my own failures. Continue reading


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Steal My Idea: 3 Level One Characters Ideas You Might Not Have Tried (Amnesia Is Not One of Them)


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Level one (or its equivalent for whatever system you’re using) is a great place for characters to start in a new campaign. However, because level one characters don’t have impressive stats, skills, or abilities compared to what they will have, it’s easy for some players to make relatively young and lacking experience. Playing an inexperienced or young character now learning the ropes every time you start a low-level game can get old. If you need some ideas, here are some you can steal to can make a more interesting and experienced low-level character. Continue reading

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