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Steal My Idea: Dealing with Character Knowledge VS Player Knowledge



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Game Master (GM): The flames of the torch dims. The oppressive darkness of the dungeon pushes in. The walls feel closer. The air is thick, making each breath a notable struggle. Holding your hand out before you, the only thing you see past your wrist is the light reflecting off your fingernails.


Darkness. Dungeon. Oppression. Got it. Now that everyone can basically only see the five-foot square they are in, what do you explain to the one party member who has the ability to see clearly in the dark? Continue reading


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Steal My Idea: GM Resource Update

A while back, I posted a list of GM resources. Earlier today, I updated it with some new content, something I’ll be doing whenever I find a resource worth adding.

This time, it was a resource dump from a fellow Reddit user on r/DnDBehindtheScreen (which if you’re not a part of, join).

The dump has loads resources, but my favorite upon first glance was http://www.lordbyng.net/inspiration/. It’s random generator that produces items (weapons, armor, or trinkets) that are magical but less powerful than a +1 item. You can choose if the items should have 1 or 2 magical properties, both of them very minor. Some of the effects are more powerful but only work a few times.

For example: Continue reading

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#DnDecember 5: A moment of triumph

The BBEV (big bad evil villain) stands before me, one other player, and an NPC ally. All of the other players had a way to escape/hide/avoid this confrontation.

My PC friend and I decided to try and negotiate with the BBEV instead.

As one might expect, the negotiations don’t go well. He is out sass’d, but we are out classed.

The BBEV ends negotiations by one shotting our NPC friend who is well-established as being far more powerful than any of us.

PC pal decides he should attack. I disagree, saying I never liked that NPC anyway, and we could still solve this diplomatically if we don’t antagonize the antagonist.

PC pal attacks the BBEV.

BBEV turns and attacks/one shots my PC pal.

RIP PC pal.

During the attack, I roll stealth, saying I slip out the door, get in our car, and floor it.

GM “He is very powerful. His notice skill is extremely high. Are you sure you don’t want to try something else?”

Me “I love that car. Me and her are getting out of here and driving into the sunrise together.”

GM shrugs.

We both roll.

BBEV botches roll. Adding bonuses, it’s still a high number.

I roll high. With my marginal bonuses, I just cross the threshold.

I drive my Studebaker to safety, living to eventually fight the BBEV another day.

My character in that game ran on luck, distractions, and motivating other people. He was a blast and a half to play, and every “this should kill me” situation he survived just made him more fun. And he did survive the whole campaign. He was one of only two characters who started the campaign and survived it.



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#DnDcember 3: Favorite NPC

First, you hear him. The clanging of thick metal armor shifts with each forceful step. The only sound louder than his steps is the “breathing.” Rhythmic and horrid, it’s a noise like strips of moist jerky rattling within a throat. Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: The Archdemon of Greed (one-shot or campaign seed)



[Image from Pixabay.com]

An ancient relic said to belong to a creature known as the Archdemon of Greed surfaced. According to legend, the Archdemon of Greed amassed an unspeakable amount of gold, relics, and other treasures. And if the uncovered relic is real, the rest could be as well… Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: GM Limitations, Guidelines, & Themes



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Player limitations can make players more creative and willing to try something new. But the players aren’t the only ones that can benefit from limitations, guidelines, or themes. So let’s talk about those for the GM! (If you’re not sure you can make a whole campaign off an idea, make it a limited campaign, about 4-8 games. If it works, you can keep it going)

Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: Creativity Through Limitations



[Yay! Thanks for the image, pixabay.com!]

Limitation cultivates creativity. You can find different quotes like that from loads of sources regarding everything from business to art. It can also work for RPG parties. By placing some limitations on the party before character creation, you can all experience something different and fun. You can do this for a regular length campaign, or if you’re not sure how the group will react, you can try it as a campaign with a set length (perhaps 4-8 games). And if they like it, you can keep going.

Continue reading

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