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Steal My Idea: Roleplaying and Character Connections

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Image taken (with permission) from Pixabay.com

I’ve offered ways to encourage roleplaying before, but because it enhances a game so much, I want to expand on it even further. So here are some more ways to instigate character (and player) interaction and roleplaying. These strategies help cultivate an atmosphere that’s about the collective storytelling experience and character growth.

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Steal My Idea: How Do You Keep from Railroading Players?



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This is as much one method I use to keep from railroading players for others to use as it is an invitation for you to share your favorite methods with me and others. Finding the balance between planning an adventure and letting the players influence or change the outcome is a difficult task for any GM. While there are many ways to do it, here’s one I’ve used that works well.


Have a specific goal but get there in broad strokes. Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: Learn from My Failure

Giving up is easy. Staying with it is worth it.

We’ve all had those moments in RPGs where it didn’t go how we thought/hoped/planned/prayed it would go. You took time crafting a twist that no one cared about. Players derailed your campaign. The GM railroaded the campaign. The new group didn’t gel. The list goes on. If we all gave up when we failed, none of us would still be playing. Here are some tips I’ve learned from my own failures. Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: Giving Thanks

Since today is Thanksgiving, I wanted to do something different. I want to share something meant to bring everyone at your table together and offer thanks to each other and to the people in and outside of the industry that have influenced your gaming experience. Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: Occam’s Razor and Arkham’s Razor (Part Two)


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[Click here for part one]

While holding Occam’s Razor, one of the players accidentally said something that made logical sense:

“If there are two of these weapons, shouldn’t there be more of these insanely powerful artifacts with different, awesome powers?” This phrase accidentally created two new reality-bending weapons. I told the player that he felt some power leave the sword, but he didn’t know exactly what it did. Continue reading


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Steal My Idea: 3 Curses Your Players Won’t Expect


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When playing a tabletop RPG, especially one with a familiar system or world, it can be hard to surprise your players. Many people know what a mind flayer does or how barbarian rage works or what a basilisk’s gaze will do to your complexion. I love creating new content to throw my players off. Curses, I’ve found, are a great way to add some misfortune and ratchet up the tension by introducing something they didn’t expect and cannot necessarily predict. Continue reading

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