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Steal My Idea: The Archdemon of Greed (one-shot or campaign seed)



[Image from Pixabay.com]

An ancient relic said to belong to a creature known as the Archdemon of Greed surfaced. According to legend, the Archdemon of Greed amassed an unspeakable amount of gold, relics, and other treasures. And if the uncovered relic is real, the rest could be as well… Continue reading


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I’m a Bad Nerd Because I Think Silent Hill 4: The Room Is One of the Best Horror Games Ever Made


[Note that this hangs in my house. I might be a bit of a fan.]

I’m a bad nerd because I think Silent Hill: The Room is one of the best horror video games ever made.

(Insert chorus of angry boos here) Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: 3 Alternate Effects from the Undead


[Thoughtful skeleton with chain courtesy of Pixabay.com]

Undead creatures are some of my favorite. In Pathfinder and 3.x D&D, the downside is that undead tend to only have a few secondary effects, such as paralysis, energy drain (ability score damage), disease, and fear. Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: Making Tension High


[Image courtesy of Pixabay.com]

Raising tension in an RPG is a unique and often difficult task. Pacing can make or break tension and the cycle of tension and release (Here’s a video explaining the cycle of tension and release if you are unfamiliar with it). Keeping players and yourself riding that wave can be difficult, but it is also rewarding when you pull it off. Here are some tips I’ve discovered and used over the years to help raise tension when you want to.

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Late to the Party: Resident Evil Six


Reviewed on: PC (Steam)

Original Release: October 2012. Released March 2013 for PC and re-released for PS4 and Xbone March 2016.

I love enjoyably bad things. Things like cheesy fantasy movies with grand ideas and a $15 budget or melodramas that have no talent on display can be wildly entertaining. This is true of games as well. Army of Two and Gears of War 2 are truly bad games to me, but I had a blast playing the campaign mode with friends. Resident Evil 6 fails and succeeds at so many different things, I’m not sure I could categorize it as good or bad. But there is one label that does fit: fun.

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Late to the Party: Decay: The Mare

I’ll admit, I was a big fan of the original Decay on Xbox 360. I was familiar with their work and I had high hopes for the sequel. The people at Shining Gate did not disappoint. Check out the review for Decay: The Mare, and then go buy it.


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