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Steal My Idea: Creativity Through Limitations



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Limitation cultivates creativity. You can find different quotes like that from loads of sources regarding everything from business to art. It can also work for RPG parties. By placing some limitations on the party before character creation, you can all experience something different and fun. You can do this for a regular length campaign, or if you’re not sure how the group will react, you can try it as a campaign with a set length (perhaps 4-8 games). And if they like it, you can keep going.

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Steal My Idea: Adaptability and Dropkicking Someone Off a Horse


Last week, we started discussing the importance of not erecting a wall between combat and non-combat actions as well as making non-combat actions have an impact during combat. This week, more things you as a GM (and as a player) can do to be effective in combat instead of attacking.



Generating options as both the player and GM…

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Steal My Idea: Roleplaying and Character Connections

people interaction

Image taken (with permission) from Pixabay.com

I’ve offered ways to encourage roleplaying before, but because it enhances a game so much, I want to expand on it even further. So here are some more ways to instigate character (and player) interaction and roleplaying. These strategies help cultivate an atmosphere that’s about the collective storytelling experience and character growth.

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Steal My Idea: Learn from My Failure

Giving up is easy. Staying with it is worth it.

We’ve all had those moments in RPGs where it didn’t go how we thought/hoped/planned/prayed it would go. You took time crafting a twist that no one cared about. Players derailed your campaign. The GM railroaded the campaign. The new group didn’t gel. The list goes on. If we all gave up when we failed, none of us would still be playing. Here are some tips I’ve learned from my own failures. Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: Witch-Knight Vincal’s Locking Gauntlets


[Picture courtesy of Pixabay.com]

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Witch-Knight Vincal’s Armor: Soul Spinner

The Helmet of the Witch-Knight Vincal

The Helmet of the Witch-Knight Vincal

A while back, I made an item called The Helmet of the Witch-Knight Vincal. It’s a helmet containing the memories of its deceased owner and continually teaches the new wearer random spells so long as they do not take it off. Someone requested I make a full set for Witch-Knight Vincal, and I am happy to comply. Her full set includes three items beyond the helmet, and I’ll be doing a new one with each post. Continue reading


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Steal My Idea: Mr. Gobbs, the Goblin Weaselmancer

Photo courtecy of https://pixabay.com

Photo of adorable weasels courtesy of https://pixabay.com

Sometimes you make a character for the sole purpose of being a joke. A dwarf bard. A flesh golem paladin. A ranger/rouge/gunslinger/fighter/wizard/barbarian. A character that is enjoyable to play but isn’t meant to excel at anything or even be particularly useful. But sometimes, despite a lack of planning, lady luck shrugs her shoulders and gives you an edge, and that character becomes an actual benefit to the party rather than a liability. Continue reading

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