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Steal My Idea: GM Resources



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As a game master, a lot of weight rests on your shoulders. You need to preplan some stories and events to give life and motivation to the world. That world needs to feel larger than the players but also needs to feel accessible. You have to have interesting and fun events happen, both expected and unexpected. You have to be able to improvise or completely alter your plans if the players do something fair but unpredictable. But if you have too little planned or have no story with your events, everything can lose its gravity and feel unfulfilling. Plus you have to come up with names for NPCs, taverns, towns, guilds, groups, religions and maybe even monsters and deities.

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Steal My Idea: Unique, Mildly Impressive Starting Abilities/Equipment for RPG Campaigns


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I’ve been kicking around a campaign mechanic for a while, so I thought I’d document it and share it with you.

The idea is that each player character gets one useful item or ability that has a drawback or they can’t use it with too much frequency. Continue reading


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Tips For Lessening Anxiety When Gaming With Strangers: My Guest Post on AngstyNerd.com

Danielle at The Angsty Nerd writes about social anxiety, mental health, and nerd culture. I caught up with her a few weeks ago, and she gave me a platform to write a piece I’d been thinking about for some time.

Critical Success: Tips For Lessening Anxiety When Gaming With Strangers

Give it a read. My hope is that it will help some people with managing their social anxiety and enjoy themselves.


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Steal My Idea: Swamp of Amalgamation [Encounter]



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The party crosses a swamp deep in the woods. A collection of two types of carnivores and three types of herbivores drink from the swamp and wander around without fearing or eyeing one another. The creatures can be anything that fit the setting and challenge rating of the players. I’m going to use dinosaurs as my example creatures. Continue reading

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Steal My Idea: 5 More Items to Steal


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I was on an item creation kick. Reap the benefits of it by adding these unique items as loot or rare drops for players, or ask your GM to include them if they strike your fancy. Continue reading


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Steal My Idea: The Church of Gobbleguk


[Bobbit worm (enice apohroditois) photo from Wikipedia.org]

For a D&D 5e game I just started playing, I wanted to roll a cleric. The twist was I wanted my cleric to be a devout cultist who had insane ideas about the world but wasn’t trying to bring about an age of darkness or release Cthulhu upon the world. I wanted to make a fun cult that had crazy ideas but that a player could still follow with a (mostly) good character.

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Steal My Idea: 3 Alternate Effects from the Undead


[Thoughtful skeleton with chain courtesy of Pixabay.com]

Undead creatures are some of my favorite. In Pathfinder and 3.x D&D, the downside is that undead tend to only have a few secondary effects, such as paralysis, energy drain (ability score damage), disease, and fear. Continue reading

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